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So, at the conclusion of the last one, I said I had to talk about something I didn't like. So, I looked over the tanks I didn't like. Now, there are lots of tanks I don't like, from the under-powered, under-performing, and even the ones that Matchmaking HATES (I'm looking at you Toldi III!) but none of them really made me... mad. Even my least favorite tank, the M3 Lee I'm more "disappointed" with than anything. The M3 could (and should) be an amazing tank, but the way World of Tanks is built, the vehicle suffers- it's strengths all become weaknesses. No, I had to pick something I legitimately hate. So...

The LTP! Oh man, the LTP...

So, what's wrong with the LTP? Well, it is... horribly overpowered. Let me explain: this tank is on tier-3, a good place for it as it's fast, well armored, and can put a shell through just about everything at or below it's tier. It is the smallest of the harem of tier-3 Soviet lights that have the remarkable ability to deflect all but the most powerful hits, while dishing out fire with impunity. The other are the somewhat larger T-127, which sees equal play in tier-4 matches, and is easier to hit, so I'd go so far as to say the T-127 is a fair vehicle. The other tank that can do this at tier-3 is the BTSV, a tank so rare that it doesn't even have a tankopedia page anymore. I've only encountered a handful in all my matches.

So, what is it about the LTP that gets me so hot under the collar compared to the rest? The LTP is EVERYWHERE. If you play 3 matchs at tier-2 or tier-3, you WILL encounter an LTP. Considering how often the LTP's are placed into the top bracket of tier-2 fights, the LTP is usually up against a whole fleet of tanks it can easily rip apart, while the other tanks have no chance of breaking the LTP's armor... if they can hit it's diminutive silhouette as it darts by. It is frustrating to be playing with a halfway competent tam, but none of their weapons can hurt this one tank that essentially breaks an otherwise fair match. Even nailing it with artillery and high-explosive rounds yield scarcely better results.

You can't get the LTP in the premium shop, which is admittedly a good thing. There are far too many of them as it is. It is, at it's core, a very frustrating little machine, and I don't like it.

A similar vehicle done correctly was the recently distributed T-45 light tank, a tier-2 tank with a good gun and great frontal armor, but it's not "overpowered" in my book as the tougher tier-2 tanks can still deal with it, and using a little skilled maneuvering, most any tank can still tangle with it's soft sides and slower speeds. The T-45 is what the LTP should have been in terms of characteristics. The LTP needs either an overhaul, or a change to it's match-making profile so that it stays squarely in the tier-3/4 realm, where it really belongs.

Should I rate it? I'm going to- 0/10. The LTP is a no-skill piece of junk. If you, as a player, can't win a match on your skills, or accept a loss based on your failings, then you are doomed when it comes to the higher tiers.

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The Wall

Sep 1 '16
If you had one you'd play it.
Sep 1 '16
Probably not. Same reason I don't play the T-45 and T-127 much. If I'm playing a match, I want a fair fight. I don't know, I'm weird I guess.
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