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Maklarr4000 Nov 19 '18
It's not clear what has happened exactly, but the business relationship between World of Tanks parent company and super-corporation Amazon Inc. has come to an unexpected end. A few forum threads were opened, one of which was answered by DomoSapien, the World Of Tanks North America Community Coordinator.

A few days passed without update, until the Amazon Pay button vanished from the WOT store without any mention anywhere from World of Tanks proper.

No one is sure why this is. Some have speculated that Amazon itself may be cracking down on foreign accounts, or accounts that in any way tie it to Russia in light of declining public opinion of anything/anyone with any ties to Russia. It may be a problem with Paymentwall, Wargaming's middle man who facilitated the transactions in the first place. 

At any rate, something strange has happened, and from the community response it very well may directly impact WOT's earnings. Many people (myself included) only used Amazon Pay for the security. Without it, we've got no method to get premium anything from WOT. It remains to be seen what (if anything) will be done.

Jasper Nov 22 '18
No more tanks for uturn lol
Maklarr4000 Nov 24 '18

Quote from Jasper No more tanks for uturn lol
Looks like it.
Maklarr4000 Nov 30 '18
Still no official word from Wargaming. Oh well. 
Maklarr4000 Dec 3 '18
Things have gone from bad to worse as another of Wargaming's payment partners has dropped out, just in time for the holiday season.