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Maklarr4000 Apr 7
Jasper mentioned that "IT" is getting a remake over on the Atlas, so I thought I'd post the trailer here too for those interested...

Jasper Apr 9
Actrogen Apr 19

Quote from Jasper Lol!!!

No clowning around!
Maklarr4000 May 16
Fan speculation on what "IT" might be bringing to the table are all over the place, but the fans have a list of really messed up things they want to see. Check it out! (HERE)
Maklarr4000 Sep 11
Well, the box office numbers are in, and holy hell "IT" has made $117 million dollars already. (STORY)

Seems there's good reason why...

"It's" critics are pretty forgiving, even those that don't seem to like it.

Jasper Sep 14
I saw it and it was good.
Maklarr4000 Sep 15

Quote from Jasper I saw it and it was good.

I still haven't seen it, but I understand it's not too bad. I guess it's not terribly frightening, but that's how it goes I suppose.
Fitch Sep 17
It was somewhat predictable with its jump scares but it wasn't a bad movie.