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Maklarr4000 Dec 6 '18
Wargaming is selling the FURY! and the M4-Loza again, billing the sale as a battle over which is better.

Spoiler, the FURY! is better because it is faster and has much better soft stats. But, if you gotta have em, you can for $20 each, which isn't too bad for Wargaming.

Or, if you are insane, you can get the War Chest bundle for $69.99.

Maklarr4000 Dec 8 '18
Did someone suggest a historically accurate vehicle is somehow superior to the tank with Shia Labeouf in it?

Jasper Dec 9 '18
Loza is so bad lol
Maklarr4000 Dec 10 '18

Quote from Jasper Loza is so bad lol

It is mighty terrible!