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Did you see the map?
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Former Vice President Joe Biden is the "alleged" front-runner before the primaries, but usually by less than 5% in polling. In practice, and certainly in media terms, Bernie seems to be in the lead.

Between his pledge to clean big money out of politics, provide Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and a battery of other benefits to the American taxpayers, funded by cuts to military programs changes to a tax code that will prevent money made in America from leaving America untaxed, the people seem to be behind Senator Sanders and his big ideas. The opposition, strangely, seems to be from his own party. His blatant rejection of special interest money and influence, as well as a hostile tone towards the pharmaceutical and energy industries has driven these forces away to other candidates- though whether supporting any candidate that has the backing of big pharma and big oil is a good idea is still up for debate.

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After the fiasco in Iowa...

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The guys at Showtime don't sleep.

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Another one.