FortFantasy Apr 10
Hello Fortress Dwellers!

As amusing as our spambots are, the sheer volume of them has increased from a few a day to almost a dozen every few hours, and they are actually starting to cause some problems for the site itself. As such, administration has moved ahead with a plan to curb their registrations.

The plan now has a FortFantasy administrator or moderator approve new sign-ups before they appear on the site. We understand this may impair future legitimate sign-ups for a spell between the time they register and are approved, but it is sadly the best option we have to curb the spam problem we've been facing lately.

The hope is that as the spammers continue to fail to reach the site and do their thing, the number will gradually taper off back to something more manageable. When that happens, registrations will again be opened up without issues.

If you have any questions, contact us via [email protected], or for more direct service, [email protected]

Thanks, and have a great day! 

Maklarr4000 Apr 10
Apologies in advance to any affected parties. If you already have an account though, this shouldn't affect you at all.
Jasper Apr 14
It worked lol
Maklarr4000 Apr 18

Quote from Jasper It worked lol

So far so good. 

FortFantasy Apr 19
At the rate things are going, we hope to have registrations open again soon. I doubt this will be the last time we'll need to do this, but the spam sign-ups are beginning to wind down. 
Jasper Apr 21