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Maklarr4000 Feb 11
Despite good critical reviews and a generally positive fan reaction, Birds of Prey has done poorly at the box office. So the spiritual successor to Suicide Squad hasn't been too great, which is a shame.


Spiderfan Feb 11
I'm one of the few people who actually liked Suicide Squad and am one of the many people who like Harley Quinn (I'll get into that later), so seeing Birds of Prey underperform is a shame. Now here are my opinions on why this happened:

First off, Margot Robbie got WAY too involved in the project. Her heart was in the right place wanting a Birds of Prey movie because of the whole "these are characters most people don't know, I'll popularize them!" thing, but here is the problem most people don't know the characters and the people that do are annoyed with the portrayal of them. Making a Birds of Prey movie without Oracle (who is Batgirl with a wheelchair and who is basically the main character of the BoP comics) is kinda dumb. The costume design isn't very good either. You look up what Huntress and Black Canary look like in the comics and you go "WB couldn't come up with something that looked like that?" Also, keep in mind that movie theaters have now started listing the movie under the title Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey to try to sell the movie because Harley Quinn is the only character in it most people know. 

Secondly, the folks at WB decided to make the movie R rated under the logic of "There was a R rated Joker movie and it made lots of money, a R rated Harley Quinn should also make lots of money" ignoring the fact that Joker's success was a fluke that is most likely to never be replicated. WB cut off the young Harley Quinn fans and that reduced the audience. Not smart. 

Thirdly, The Fandom Menace ran an all out blitz against the movie once word leaked about the movie's politics. I haven't seen the movie yet, so I don't know how political it actually is, but that kind of word getting out at all hurt the movie's chances. 

So when you combine not well known characters, mixed with a R rating, mixed with politics this is the result. Which shouldn't happen because a movie with Harley Quinn should post Wonder Woman numbers considering Harley Quinn is is arguably more popular than Wonder Woman is. Had WB made a Gotham City Sirens movie (Harley Quinn, Poisy Ivy, and Catwoman) this wouldn't have happened. 

Box office wise the movie will only go downhill from here. It is worth mentioning that there is a bunch of merchandise out for the movie and with how popular Harley Quinn is that will sell. Heck, I was at Hot Topic about a month ago and I bought the exclusive Harley Quinn Pop figure they had. WB's losses should be mitigated by the merch, so they'll probably break even on the movie. 

Jasper Feb 12
I saw it it was ok.