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Maklarr4000 Sep 2 '17
So, Wargaming has the next charity emblem pack up for sale. Full story is HERE.

So, if you want to add this snazzy bird to your tanks, you've got a month to do it.
Jasper Sep 2 '17
U buy these uturn?
Maklarr4000 Sep 5 '17

Quote from Jasper U buy these uturn?

I can part with $3 for charity. Usually you don't get anything for donating, here I get a little patch to put on a few of my tanks if I feel like it.

Plus, it's the Chieftain's bird one, so memes and whatnot.
Jasper Sep 7 '17
LVNA Sep 25 '17
At least camouflage does something, the emblems are just useless. No one can see them anyway.