The DC Disaster | Forum

Maklarr4000 Jan 9
Well, I suppose something should probably be said about the only news story able to eclipse Covid. On January 6th, outgoing President Donald Trump held a rally near the White House, where he encouraged his supporters to walk down the road to the United States Capital building to "support" Republican senators and congressional representatives who were tasked with obstructing the governmental procedures underway for President-Elect Joe Biden. They arrived, and within hours, had stormed the building, broken inside in a few places, and then fanned out across the building. in the ensuing chaos four Trump supporters were killed, and one Washington D.C. Capital police officer was killed.

This video was posted over on MetaJolt, and it's probably the most succinct look at the events that transpired.


SandyDandy Jan 19
They all went to jail!