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Jasper Jul 20
Quote from Maklarr4000 The families are still protesting, mad props to them, they deserve answers! Story is HERE.

Maklarr4000 Sep 27
It's been a while, and some progress has been made, though news on the submarine hunt is getting harder to come by.

Ocean Infinity Corporation (the same company that set out to find the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 jet liner) was hired by the Argentine Navy to find the sub on September 10th, and they were underway shortly thereafter. 

Story from Ocean Infinity is HERE.

On September 22nd, the Russian news outlet TASS reported that Ocean Infinity had a positive sonar hit on something resembling the San Juan, though Ocean Infinity hasn't said anything officially about it as far as I have been able to find. It's curiously translated and a little strange, so while I'll link the article (HERE) I'm not entirely confident in it's accuracy.

I do hope it's accurate, and that the ARA San Juan can finally be verified, and the families get the closure they deserve.

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