Atlantic Storm uncovers a Shipwreck | Forum

Maklarr4000 Mar 6
A unknown ship, dating between 1750 and 1850 succumbed to some doom just off the coast of Maine years and years ago, only to have it's remains buried in the sands of York Beach. The shipwreck was first discovered in 1958, when a similar storm uncovered it, before tidal forces again bury the hull. The wreck emerges every few decades from it's sandy tomb, usually brought on by churning seas of North Atlantic storms. More info can be found in THIS news story!

Or in this video on the subject:

The name of the ship, who it belonged to, and even what it did are all mysteries- just as it's unknown how the ship was lost to rest in such an unusual place.
Jasper Mar 9
Threers nothing left of it