Hetzer World
Mak's group for tanks, armor, war, and history in general. Focusing predominantly on mechanized warfare in the 20th century.
26 members
Wheels of the World
A group showcasing weird and wonderful vehicles of all sorts from around the world.
26 members
Vidigo Legacy
The center for friends and fans of VidigoSocial and it's successor Vidi Nation.
25 members
Wings of the World
A group archiving and discussing all things aviation, including aviation history, warbirds, and flight in general.
18 members
A group showcasing warships from around the world. Feel free to join in, post photos, and discuss your favorites!
15 members
Fortress Group
A group for the people of the Fortress to discuss and collaborate with us to make a better place for all of us. :)
14 members
Legacy Technology Group
A group looking at weird and wonderful obsolete technology of all sorts.
14 members
Welcome one and all to a group showcasing food, food, and more food! I don't advise browsing this group on an empty stomach!
14 members
|\---/| | o_o | .\_^_/
12 members
Clickbait Collection
An ever-growing collection of the best "clickbait" images dropped here on the Fortress by spambots, or found from across the Internet. Fair warning, some of these might be strange and/or suggestive in nature. All are hilarious and/or grossly misleading. Feel free to follow the group to start subm...
11 members
10 members
UK Group
Just British things!
7 members
Working Group 2
Where updates and/or leaks pertaining to project "Vision" will be posted until further notice.
5 members
Future rally point for the GWCC.
2 members
Testing Zone
Ongoing test and development information posted monthly, or as needed.
1 members