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When I first started playing World of Tanks, I really liked the fast, nimble tanks that I could dart around in. It wasn't until sometime later that I learned the real value of tough armor over speed in the lower-tier matches, though I still wanted smaller vehicles (like the French Fortress trio) over larger targets. It just made sense to me. Then I saw this thing.

This thing is the Vickers Medium III, and holy smokes, it is huge! The tank, much like the Medium I and Medium II, doesn't have much for armor. Historically, the Vickers Medium Infantry tanks were designed to replace the terribly slow and supremely heavy "Rhomboid" tanks of the first World War, the Mk. I and beyond. They were built to contend with the primary weapon of the era- the machine gun, and were intended for trench warfare- from the shape and angle of the hull, to the weapons selected. However, the Medium III was a departure from the rather hum-drum Medium I and II.

It was considerably larger, and had better armor to deal with field guns of the time. It was also designed to make short work of any trenches it came across. The tank is designed to drive over any barbed wire or obstacles, then dip it's nose into an enemy trench- that's where the two smaller turrets come in. One on each side, with Vickers own .303 machine guns inset, they bow gunners would butcher any unlucky souls that were in the trench in either direction. While that was happening, the main turret could continue firing away straight ahead at enemy rear positions and fortifications, keeping the pressure on the enemy at all times. It was a frightening machine when you consider the horrors it was designed to wreak. I mean, just look at this thing...

By this time though (1930), the British still considered tanks more a tool of the infantry than as an actual means to "wage" a war, and it was through budget cuts that the Vickers Medium program was essentially halted in favor of the Infantry Tank Mk. I, a much cheaper and lighter machine to manufacture, ship, and maintain across the vast British Empire.

But, the Medium III tank certainly made it's way into World of Tanks, and where do I even begin with this cool thing?

The Medium III is a tier-3 tank, meaning it's contemporaries are still relatively light tanks, even still encountering tier-2 tanks regularly thanks to WOT's match-making. Alas, it can also find itself against much higher tier tanks, and though it can hold it's own with tier-4 tanks, tier-5 tanks are simply too strong for the Medium III to contend with unassisted.

Now, that doesn't mean the Medium III is helpless. Featuring either a fast-firing 2-pounder anti-tank gun (my weapon of choice) or a 6-pounder cannon that packs a mean punch, even against tougher enemies, the Medium III can, in a sense, act as a heavy tank. Well, at least in terms of size and firepower, especially against tier-2 and tier-3 opponents. Push the advantage early, then find a good piece of cover to hide the Medium III's front and/or sides, and then use the tall turret to shoot down at foes with impunity. Likewise, a good 2-story building or rock of considerable stature will be a good friend to you, as the tank is nimble enough to slide out, lay down some fire, and then disappear back behind cover before taking too many direct hits. It's weapons are fairly accurate at close to medium range, so for most maps the Medium III will see, you can outshoot lighter tanks at a range they cannot strike you accurately, all while dotted with ample cover for you to exploit.

The Medium III's only weakness stems from it's armor. It's thickest armor is only 14 millimeters thick, with most of it focused on the turret. A direct hit from just about anything will likely put a hole in this beast. With only 280 HP to work with at it's maxed out configuration, it can't take too much more of a beating than tanks much smaller than it as well. When it's drawn into higher-tier matches, this machine has to find some good cover or some tougher buddies to hang behind, or it can be easily destroyed in a few hits by even relatively light tanks. Being 1-shot killed by something like a KV-1, KV-220, or an O-I Exp. are not unheard of.

For best success across all the fields of play, I tend to use the Medium III more as a heavy tank at lower tiers- leading the charge before securing some cover to play with, before moving along as my foes are defeated. In higher tier matches, I usually find something tougher than me (an M3 Lee or a Grant at tier-4, or a Churchill at tier-5) and stick close to them, providing them additional firepower in exchange for them going first. Even so, don't expect to last too long in a tier-5 fight, and don't be too upset if all you manage to do is whittle some of the tier-5 tanks down somewhat. Even with the cannon, the tier-5 tanks are generally too tough to directly engage to the point of destroying them, and the Medium III is too slow, to weak, and too un-maneuverable to really exploit any of it's foes weaknesses through flanking manuvers.

All the same, I love the Medium III. There is something to be said for a lumbering mountain of steel bearing down towards a whole pack of scattering Panzer 1's or Panzer 2's that makes all the higher-tier losses and other shortcomings worthwhile to me. It's, generally speaking, a fun tank to play with, and though you won't be dragging in too many medals or accolades in it, I assure you you will have a good time.

Am I rating these now? I guess so. My rating for the Vickers-Armstrong Medium III tank is a 7 out of 10.

Now, we've covered something "BIG" from Vickers... let's see something small...

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