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So, as tanks are added and removed from the game, and with the February "nerf" right around the corner, I've been wondering what tanks are the worst in the game? Which ones might get that buff they need to play well again, and which ones are just too far gone.

Well, I know without question what the worst tank in the game is.

The French Tier 2 D1, of course.

The D1 is just... horrible. In every possible way.

Tier 2 is a chaotic place to play, with games that are quick and usually pretty one-sided. As such, fast tanks and tanks with good armor tend to be the most dangerous- your M2 Lights, and your French H-35's for example. The D1 has neither speed, nor armor to rely on. The D1 is among the slowest vehicles in the game, and with plenty of soft, flat armor all the way around, it's very easy for your enemies to just circle you until you are dead. The turret traverse is slow, and since the D1 spends much of it's time tracked due to it's weak and prominent track assemblies, death by arty or a ranged TD are very likely.

The D1 does not even have a good weapon to fall back on. While it shares the top guns from the H-35, it can't position them in a way that can make good use of them. Against tier 3 tanks, this tank struggles immensely.

Which is probably why people will play one, maybe 2 games in it before anyone sane will just free XP past it and onto the D2, which is similar to the Somua.

I've said it before, I'll say it again- the D1 is the worst tank in WOT.
So, while my ire is turned onto the low tier tanks, I thought I'd talk about some of my favorites- the French Fortress trio. These are, the Renault R35, FCM 36, and Hotchkiss H35. These tanks are all very similar in terms of play. They are slower light tanks, with great armor, and acceptable guns with good accuracy and fire-rate.

Today, I'd like to look at the Hotchkiss H35, and the "kiss of death" it imparts on it's foes!

The H35 is ... more