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I've been dabbling in OP Soviet heavy tanks lately. So, let's talk instead about low tier British light tanks! Ha ha!

So, today's tank subject is something I haven't played with in a long time, but still find rather enjoyable, the Cruiser IV, a tier-3 light tank with a great top speed, and adequate armor for it's tier.


The Cruiser IV is a scout, and like most scout tanks, gets terribad match-making. This tier 3 lightweight routinely meets tier 5 KV-1's and their ilk, which you haven't a chance in hell to trade blows with. So, what do you do with it?

The tank is intended as a scout- to move ahead, find a safe spot, and keep eyes on various targets until your tank destroyers can finish them off for you. However, as you have a better chance of winning a lifetime supply of clown shoes than getting placed into a good team in WOT public matches, I've found that to be a failing venture.

So, what do I do? I go crazy. Similar to how the M2 Medium is played, I take this tank to positions where I expect tanks to be setting up. Then I use this tanks 2-shot autoloader cannon (4 shells in total) and ruin their day. A few shots into a medium's snout, the tracks of a tank destroyer, or even into the back of a heavy will put them out of place for a few moments, damaging modules, killing crew, and overall softening them up for the tanks that will follow you. Ultimately, it's a suicide run. The Cruiser IV lacks sufficient hit points and armor to survive more than a few stray shots, and it's reload is not the fastest for an auto-loader.

As I only ever expect to get off between 4 and 8 shots before I'm ruined, I like to make them count- rolling with APCR all the way. It's inexpensive at tier 3, and for the quick grind it wasn't half bad to bolster the experience. All leading into the Covenanter beyond.

Are we still rating these things? Okay.

5/10, good, not great, but certainly not bad.

In all World of Tanks matches, there is the almighty stack- the pile of allies that stand above or below you before the battle begins. Those above you posses greater armor, and usually more powerful weapons. Those beneath you are weaker, and likely posses less firepower. That is not to say every tank can't serve well, nor that a weaker tank does not have an equally important part to play, but it was always rather sad thinking about whatever unlucky soul (or even souls) were stuck at the "bottom of the stack".

One tank that found it's way there is the Vickers-Armstrong Mk.E type B, shortened to "VAE-B" in the game. The VAE-B has made it's home at the "bottom of the stack", but unlike other tanks that dwell here at higher tiers, the VAE-B is not out of it's depth in the slightest.

This little tank is... more