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So, I've got quite a few old computer systems. Being the unreasonable fellow I am, I still want more- though some I want more than others. While my aims continue to be centered around sharing all of this through video, I'm also looking for partnerships and events where some of the stuff I've got that is working really good and properly restored can be set up for the public to play with too. I guess we'll see what 2020 holds. However, with Christmas coming, I do wonder what Santa might bring me... so I've cooked up a list of things I'd love to have, but don't right now.

In no particular order!

-KayPro Machine

I just really like the look of the KayPro. Lots were made, most I see for sale are broken, which would be a fun project to work on. Very "aesthetic" machines to look at with a lot of CP/M software available out there as old stock or online. Would love to have one of those.

-Compaq Portable

I really like the luggables, and Compaq's orange-on-black monochrome screen coupled with it's military-esque design makes this an easy add to the list. I think I like the Compaq III the most, but as with all retro gear I go hunting for, I'm willing to fix up whatever comes my way. The luggables were all gone by the time I was a kid, so I think it would be a lot of fun to set something like this up to let people see again.

-iMac G3 Orange/Tangerine

I love the old rainbow colored iMacs, and if I see one out there I'm likely to try and rescue it regardless of color, but of them all I've always liked the orange one best. I am, evidently, in a minority, as there were exponentially more slate, green, and blueberry iMacs made- hell, according to what I've read, there are more red iMacs than there are orange ones. However, this one will be down on any proverbial list- there are a lot more computers that will need saving before I go hunting for this particular model.

-Anything Amiga

While I hope to someday get a chance to play with my father's old Amiga systems, many of them have been in storage for a very long time, and I wonder if they're even still viable. All the same, I think it would be terrific fun to have one to show as the number of working Amigas left out there is dwindling. I'm not picky, anything would be welcome in the shop.

-Commodore 64C

The Commodore 64 "C" model was just a C64 in a different case to extend the "service life" of the system. Again, I just think they're kinda neat.

-Atari 400/800

The hybrid "computer/game console" era of the early 1980's was a neat time for computers, and Atari's effort to make a computer that could also play the games for their Video Computer System, the 2600, was laudable. They're not fondly remembered systems, so it's something I'd like to grab as a companion system to the Mattel Aquarius. The only difference between the 400 and 800 is the number of cartridge slots; the 2 slot Atari 800 is pictured below.

...and that about does it for this list. I'm sure I'll think of more later, or come back and think "man, this should have been a forum thread instead!" but it will be too late for that. Thanks for reading through, and have a great day!

So, the blog space is pretty dead here and has been for a while. Apologies, I don't have anything new to post from the old scanned-in series, as the entire archive is now literally ashes and cannot be recovered. Likewise, I don't play World of Tanks anymore, and continuing to talk about it here would get old pretty quick. Instead, henceforth, I'll be using the M:4K blog space to post the more complete sagas of what I've been working on in the workshop- so when the associated forum threads inevitably devolve into memes and madness, others can still glean the useful information curated over here.

That's all the news I've got. Have a good one!