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Something interesting I've seen among World of Tanks players is that most have a very intense distaste for the Matilda Black Prince tank. It's not terribly uncommon to hear the Matilda BP ranked among the worst tanks in the game, which always surprises me, as I rather like it.

This leads me to my key question... am I the 'only' World of Tanks player that likes the Matilda BP?

I understand it's detractors- it's speed is poor at tier 5, and it's armor on the (rather large) turret is unreliable against most guns it'll cross. There are, undeniably, better tanks at tier 5 to play in.

However, the tank has some merits as well, it's gun chief among them. High penetration and fire rate, coupled with a good loader means that the tank can pour damage out into it's foes- while a small aim circle and low speed means it excels at fighting on the move, or brawling with light tanks keen on circling it. The turret provides ample protection against German auto-cannons and most light tanks, while offering enough depression and elevation to keep it workable on shallow hills and ridges.

Now, it's no Sherman, and I understand completely if there isn't another soul out there that would ever play with this tank, but... all the same, is there anyone else out there that does like the Matilda BP besides me?

Thanks in advance for any feedback on this one.