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Maklarr4000 Sep 6 '18
So, we heard in the September preview that the FCM 50T was going to come up for sale again. Well, we all saw that coming. WOT's "last chance" sales are notoriously unreliable, as has been seen man times before as the Panzer 4 HydrostatM6 MutantT-43-3, the E-25, Lorraine 40T, the LEF over in the EU zone, and on and on...

So, was anyone surprised when this came up?

Disappointed? Yes! Surprised? No.

Maklarr4000 Sep 6 '18
Now, calling two really power-creeped and obsolete tier 8 preferential matchmaking premium tanks "deadly" is pretty funny in and of itself. The FCM 50T is a medium tank with delusions of grandeur, and is most comparable to a "fast" version of the tier 6 French heavy tank, the ARL-44. The T-34-3 is a less powerful, less mobile T-44 with even less gun depression. It has a reputation as being one of the worst premium tanks ever made, and it's loss from the WOT store didn't seem to upset too many people.

In the premium shop, the FCM 50T was replaced with the AMX M4 mle. 49, the un-painted version of the Liberte, which is among the best of the "new generation" of premium tanks.

The T-34-3 was replaced with nothing, because the entire Chinese medium line has become seriously power creeped, and players are running Chinese tanks at higher tiers less and less. Why play a weaker Chinese knock-off when you can play the "real" Soviet version with extra buffs?

But, now they're back, once again in "staggered" bundles, where the War Chest is out now, and the "stock" bundles probably won't be out until the weekend before they go off sale. Yikes.

Not a cheap bundle anywhere I'm afraid.

Personally, i'd advise against supporting any sales like this. For anyone "really" curious about these vehicles, it has been proven time and again that anything "gone forever" will be back again in the future (Christmas is just around the corner) so I wouldn't panic if you skip this whole fiasco. 

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Nobody believes a word the fucking developers say. They're all compulsive liars.
Maklarr4000 Sep 7 '18

Quote from 3ASTERN_FRONT Nobody believes a word the fucking developers say. They're all compulsive liars.

Well we all knew that the day they announced these tanks were "gone for good" so it's not even a surprise anymore.

Welcome back sir!

Maklarr4000 Sep 22 '18
Wargaming just released the "loaded" bundles, which seems to be as low as they're willing to go on these "rare" tanks we'll definitely never ever see again. 

Charging more for underpowered tanks of yesteryear under the guise of "you'll never see them again" when no one believes that anything is ever gone for good should be a floundering business move. All the same, I've seen more T-34-3's roaming around than ever before lately, though that may just be coincidence.

Jasper Sep 23 '18