The fate of the Wisconsin Computer Club Website | Forum

FortFantasy Feb 4 '21
Officially founded in February 2020, the Wisconsin Computer Club was launched as a means to get myself and other retro technology nerds together in a collaborative way, and to get more of this cool stuff shared with the public at large through a demo series I had been developing in late 2019. Of course, Covid came and that was the end of that for the most part. Now more than a year later, and the WCC just barely exists as of this writing.

Partway through last year I kicked off a blog site that did "okay" n terms of traffic, and then transferred over to a forum style site to see if that was a better means forward. While I thank those of you here that did sign up over there, it's become mighty clear to me that this isn't the best way forward.

So, what's the game plan? As of this writing, I've decided to leave the WCC website up and running until April. At that point I'll either be in a better position to drop a lot more content into the project, or perhaps things will begin to swing around so that the club can actually start "doing" things in earnest. The site may continue as it is now, or it may get overhauled or even outright changed into something different. I maintain that the Wisconsin Computer Club is a good idea, and there was/is still a ton of interest in it both locally and abroad, but how best to operate something like this in a post-Covid world remains a challenge to overcome.

In the event that the WCC site is liquidated (in a similar fashion to how HetzerWorld was many years ago) the bulk of it's data will be moved here to the Fortress for posterity.

That's the news on that front, thanks for reading!