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FortFantasy Jan 10 '18
I find it rather curious that the last handful of spambots all seem to be trying to sell "industrial" items as opposed to purses, shoes, and football jerseys.

Does Fort Fantasy sound like some sort of factory setting or industrial commodity exchange? Bizarre.

FortFantasy Jan 16 '18
Alright, this one is too weird to not share. The bot posted a blog post about, well, I'm not quite sure to be honest.

Bringing a rifle to a "melee" fight really doesn't make it a "melee" fight anymore, but who am I to argue with such a well-written argument!
FortFantasy Jan 18 '18
Another day, another weird spambot blog post... this time about Rocket League! Read on, if you can...

Jasper Jan 19 '18
Lol wtf
FortFantasy Jan 22 '18
Um... anyone here shopping for elevators? No? M'kay...

...and we're back to our "Industrial" theme, I like it!
FortFantasy Jan 24 '18
Well, where do I begin with this one...

Huh, "crystal clear" you say? Hmm, the rambling text seems somewhat less clear than crystal.

Oh no! Not the Torrence Hockey Person! He was, without question, my favorite Hockey Person of them all.

(Genuinely, if someone died, that is terrible, but holy hell what is wrong with this bot!?!)

Oh man, that's terrible! At least the Torrence Hockey Person existed but now you tell me the Redskin's General Manager doesn't exist!?! Oh, wait, he "was not existing"... Well somebody tell him to stop being a nightmarish paradox upon space and time, and start existing again! Lazy bum, thinks he's too good to exist like the rest of us...

Here, Timotainment has a guide for ya...

Oh wait... there's more?
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FortFantasy Jan 24 '18
Oh, the bot made one last post. Hmm, what could it be...




What the holy hell is that... literal WALL of text for? Oh man, what do I even say to that?

Wait, I know exactly what to say to that!

Much better.
FortFantasy Jan 26 '18

Come on! Get down!
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FortFantasy Jan 30 '18
If you want elevators, or perhaps alphabet soup, these guys have you set and then-some. Punctuation/spelling is extra.

FortFantasy Feb 2 '18
The wire guys are back! However, someone may want to explain to them what "brief" is.

They also made a group right above Navy power too.

FortFantasy Feb 6 '18
Need an escalator? Well, unless you are a Cathedral of Business I guess.

What exactly constitutes a "Cathedral of Business" anyway? Like, old-school multi-level department stores, or just like any "worshiped" business. What if nobody worships there anymore, like Sears? Is it still a cathedral? So many questions...
Jasper Feb 16 '18
Movie spambots are here now lol
FortFantasy Feb 27 '18

As an Escalator Supplier Admirer myself, I expect absolute abuttals of Elevators wherever I go.

Maklarr4000 Feb 27 '18

Quote from Jasper Movie spambots are here now lol

They didn't post anything funny though. Oh well.
FortFantasy Mar 2 '18
Do YOU know what to do if your Elevator should ever Breach Down?

Study this information carefully; it could save your life!
Jasper Mar 5 '18
Quote from Maklarr4000
Quote from Jasper Movie spambots are here now lol

They didn't post anything funny though. Oh well.
To bad lol
FortFantasy Mar 9 '18
You know, a word of advice, don't lead into your sales pitch with all the things that are still (apparently rather likely(?)) to happen on said product. Yikes.

Enjoy yet more alphabet soup, courtesy of the Chinese elevator industry...

FortFantasy Mar 16 '18


FortFantasy Mar 19 '18

Ah yes, the Accession must be near the elevator factory. Must! I remember it very clearly when it was decreed that it MUST be so!

FortFantasy Apr 3 '18
It's pretty rare we get a bot that wanders into the forums. Bonus points for being in the right category, but points retracted for having an avatar that references a predatory leveling service.

Curious that, aside from a few links (which look like they're even tossed in as an afterthought) it looks like it really just wanted to narrate Game of Thrones to the Fortress Dwellers here. Strange!
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