Blue Jeans and Bloody Tears - An AI created Eurovision Song

It's stuck in my head, ah!

A team of artificial intelligence researchers teamed up with some musicians to create a program to "write" a song that could "win" the Eurovision contest. This was the result. Enjoy!
Original description:As Europe (together with Australia and Israel) are glued to their TV sets watching the 64th Eurovision song competition, we asked ourselves What makes a Eurovision song memorable? does a Eurovision hit have special DNA?
We are a group of artists, musicians and programmers that wanted explore human creativity and challenge it. We have created a Eurovision AI song that celebrates Eurovision – its melodrama, kitsch and camp, its humor and its gimmicks. The result is comprised entirely of material written and composed by Artificial Intelligence, titled "Blue Jeans & Bloody Tears".
The project team fed hundreds of Eurovision songs – melodies and lyrics – into a neuron network. Then, algorithms produced thousands of new tunes and lines of verse, from which a few musical units were carefully selected and “welded” into a song.
We hope this song will become the Eurovision unofficial anthem of Eurovision 2019. A duet on disillusioned love between Izhar Cohen (Israel's first Eurovision winner, 1978) and a computer, written and composed by a computer. The song was produced by Avshalom Ariel - one of the creators of TOY (Eurovision song winner, 2018)
Concept and Creative direction by Nimrod (Nim) Shapira ( and Production by Allenby Concept House ( by Nimrod (Nim) Shapira
Song production:Song Curation by Amir ShoenfeldSong Production by Avshalom ArielAdditional song curation by Ben Scheflan, Nim Shapira, Avshalom Ariel and Eran HadasBackground vocals by Avshalom Ariel and Ben ScheflanMix by Omer SchonbergerMastering by Jonathan JacobiRecorded at Jaffa Sound Arts
Music video team:Directed by Karni and Saul @ Sulkybunny ( design by Adam BlufarbIllustrations by Eliran Bichman
Deep Learning team:Lyrics generation by Eran Hadas
AI and ML Team:Oracle Innovation and Oracle CloudAsaf Sobol - Senior Business Development leader, Oracle IsraelAndy Welch - Innovation engineer, Lead data scientist, Oracle UKAsaf Lev - Senior Innovation engineer, Oracle UK, Ireland & IsraelDavid Cottee - Senior Director of Innovation, Oracle UK, Ireland & Israel
Midi conversion and Music consultation by Micha GiladAdditional Midi conversion by Ann Streichman
Legal consultancy: Attorneys Sally Gillis and Shirley Gal from Eitan, Mehulal, Sadot.
Public relations:POSITIVE CommunicationsYuval HaringSpecial thanks to Oracle EMEA PR team
Making of team:Directed and Edited by Nitay DaganCinematography by Stephan Stelman and Omri Dagan
Special Thanks: Ronen Harten, Nadav Hekselman, Elad Zakai, Eyal Linur, Roy Kafri, Lior Zalmanson, Shine Horovits, Tamir Leibovich, Mysh Rozanov, Sagi James Shahar, Gal Shaya, Tamar Scheflan, Vico Shaharabani, Aner Baruch, Omri Anghel, Ran Menachem, Eran-Shushu Spanier, Udi Ben-Arie, Cheli Menashe, Roy Hollander, Oren Solo, Einat Hirsch, Bella Faylayev, Nirit Green, Alessandro Zanoni, Baruch and Tehila Shapira, Efrat and Itay Gdor, Yuval Shapira and Yaara Gdor

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