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So, I've decided that, on top of my other fascinations, I'd write a little about my experiences with World of Tanks, and moreover, the tanks therein. The game itself is great, but there are a lot of things I wish I'd known back when I started that I know now. So, in an effort to both collect my thoughts, and provide insight to others, here goes my new blog set on TANK REVIEWS!

Today's subject is the first tank I ever played, the Tier-1 "Leichtractor" from Germany. What is the Leichtraktor? Well, here's a photo:

The Rheinmetall VK31 "Leichtraktor" was a pre-WW2 tank prototype developed by the German army. It was developed as a "tractor" as a cover- Germany was NOT permitted to develop any tanks under conditions of the Treaty of Versailles, which ended World War One.

I have a real soft spot for this one. Not only was it the first one I ever really played with, it's one of the best early tanks. The frontal and turret armor is pretty good (at least compared to the FT clones around it), and it's gun is very accurate. It's most useful feature, in my opinion, is the turret is affixed to the back of the tank, so that you can "peek" out from behind cover, shoot, and then dart back behind it. Though it isn't the only tier-1 tank with this feature (the other being the American T1 Cunningham), I feel the Leichtraktor gets the most use out of it. This is due to the high placement of the cannon, better armored turret, and it's oversized track assemblies, which will take hits, but not count against your hit-points.

Back in the "good old days" of last year, the tech tree had a lot of options for engines, suspensions, and even a turret that looked more like the Panzer-1's. This effectively split the Leichtraktor horde into two groups- the guys like me that hid behind stuff with the cannons, and the people who put the other turret on with a Breda auto-cannon who darted around gunning people down like mad. It was chaos, and it was wonderful.

In the end, I stopped playing the Leichtraktor when I found better vehicles up the tiers. When my skills got somewhat better, it was also more fun playing more structured matches, whereas low-tier battles were (and still are) mostly chaotic "free for all" style fights that end rather quickly. It was after the Czech update that I discovered that Wargaming had cut all the other upgradeable features for the tier-1 tanks all across the board, so I never did get to turn my Leichtraktor into the now-legendary "LOLtraktor" to wreak havoc unchecked on equally frazzled enemies. Ah well, and so it goes.

I really do like the Leichtractor though... so next time I'll have to talk about something I really don't like!


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