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In World of Tanks, there are a number of "grinder" tanks. These vehicles are characterized by large volumes of modules or points needed to advance to the next vehicle, or have a feature that makes playing them a chore rather than fun. Tanks like the maligned AMX 40 for example.

One tank that I see gets called a "grinder" tank more often than not is the Tier 3 American M2 Medium tank.

The M2 Medium is a historical oddity. It was one of the largest tanks (in terms of size) ever produced by the United States in the interwar period. The M2 would set the standard for many advancements to come in terms of mass production and tank design, and is a direct progenitor to the beloved M4 Sherman tank, which shares a similar shape, design, suspension, and more. Though most only saw limited combat with reserve or lend-lease units, their successor, the M3 Lee, proved the M2 was onto something good.

But, does that translate to the game? Yes and no. The M2 is, in many ways (speed size, firepower) very much like the tank before it, the T2 Medium. In it's "stock" form, it shares the upgraded T2 turret and 37mm gun. However, the M2 has a problem.

Unlike the T2, which is left fighting mostly smaller, lighter tanks at tier 2, the M2 Medium faces off at tier 3, 4 and occasionally even 5. Tanks above tier 3 will chew through the M2 Medium's 180 hit-points very quickly. Adding the second turret does offer some more armor protection, boosting your HP reserve to 210 points, but that won't do much if a heavy tank or tank destroyer rolls around the corner at you.

"But Mak!" you shout, shaking your fist in the air. "You said you didn't like the M2! Why did you promise in the title to explain how to play it!?!" to which I would tell you to "chillax bro, it's just a blog."

In all seriousness though, I do not like the M2, and sold it as fast as I could. That's not to say you can't have fun with it- but you need to play a certain way to make the most of this tank. Allow me to explain.

The M2 has three virtues, that if played well, make it a troll of incomparable power. It is fast for it's size, able to zip around the battlefield with relative ease, allowing it to flank and move in unusual ways. This is crucial to your survival.

The next virtue it possesses is it's cannon. The stock 37mm gun is junk, get the better turret and the 75mm M3 Howitzer as soon as you can. Once you've got that, your trolling can begin.

Finally, it's last virtue is weight. The M2 weighs roughly 21 tons when maxed out, well above smaller light tanks at and even above it's tier, without sacrificing significant speed.

So, how do you make the M2 rock? Play like a maniac.

The M2 is not built to last, and will be destroyed in the duration of the match. Accept your fate, and take up the rite of the Kamikaze. Move your M2 in formation with the main thrust of the action. If resistance is thick, you'll do the most good for your team, and if resistance is light, your team can sometimes carry you onward.

Use your cannon at point blank range. Go for smaller tanks (as you would with any high-explosive derp gun) and aim for the tracks on anything bigger than a breadbox so to speak. The goal is not to destroy them, but immobilize them for the rest of the team to destroy. The M3 lacks penetration, especially of higher tiers, and it woefully inaccurate, so get right up in your enemies face before you hit it with a metaphorical (or perhaps even literal) shovel.

Finally, if the opportunity presents itself, charge. Find a good open area, and charge. When a target presents itself, fire, and then use your tank like a huge missile of steel. The weight of it is oftentimes more than sufficient to demolish smaller foes, while rendering larger ones immobile, at best. This allows your team to benefit from the opportunity your attack provided, and any sighting your aggressive scouting may have uncovered.When I was driving the M2, I usually went after vehicles that were tougher in an effort to whittle them down. Crashing into most anything will make it throw a track, using up their repair kit, so it can really help your team down the road.

In the end, the M2 is not a great tank, nor do I recommend it, but it does posses a vast potential for trolling, more-so than most thanks to it's optional howitzer. If you're driving an M2 on your way to the Lee, get out there and do some good. You're gonna get blown up anyway, may as well go out in a blaze of glory, rather than getting stuck behind a bush by a Hetzer.

I give the M2 Medium a 2/10. We're still rating these right?

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