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No, they aren't gifted with the power to speak with the dead... no, these are tanks that claim to be Heavy Tanks, but are really just Medium tanks with delusions of grandeur. These are my picks for tanks that should be able to charge in and clean house, but are better left a little behind the firing line...

To begin this journey of mediocrity, we start with the opener for the German Heavy tank line, the Durchbruchswagen 2 (pictured above). The DW2, as it's known in chat and on screen, succumbs to a lot of the same problem as the other tier 3 and 4 German light and medium tanks. In a game like WOT, the Panzer III and Panzer IV's lack significant armor for dealing with their foe's superior firepower. The armor on the DW2 is pitiful all around, coupled with a low speed and fragile tracks, the DW2 is not going to be winning any serious medals. It makes up for it's shortcomings somewhat with a cannon that is halfway competent and accurate even above it's tier, but this is it's sole merit. It is classified as a heavy tank, but it is one in name only, as it's usually forced into the role of a medium tank rather than a front-line brawler.

Speaking of things that are mis-classified, here are the twin poster children (and inspiration for this post), the Japanese Type 91 and Type 95 tanks. We'll take these two powder puffs in order.

Starting off with the Type 91 Heavy tank, we have the first "official" heavy tank in the game. Why? I do not know. Even at it's pitiful level of tier 3, this tower of metal has virtually no protection whatsoever. It's slow speed is matched in the slow aim time, firing speed, and reload time of it's cannon. Now, granted, if it hits it's target, it will do some damage, but it is unlikely the Type 91 will be able to fire with impunity due to it's sheer size. Being a large target without great maneuverability is a death sentence in games where you will routinely have to deal with Panzer 1c's and 2g's without having a team to count on. But, what's worse than that?

Okay, so the Type 91 is bad and all, but what could be worse? Well, for starters, let's make the vehicle somewhat larger, and give it slightly more armor, decreasing it's speed even further. More armor, good right? Well, it's still paper-thin, and at tier 4, there is not a tank you will ever encounter that can't pound you into submission. The Type 95 routinely sees tier 5 tanks as well, so as an added treat, you may (briefly) encounter a KV-1 or American T1 Heavy. As an added bonus, the firepower is not significantly increased from the Type 91, meaning that while the Type 91 could serve as sort of a "lobber" from an entrenched position, the Type 95 cannot even penetrate most armors it will encounter anyway. So why do people play these vehicles?

Oh, to get to this behemoth, the O-I Experimental. It has impenetrable armor, and a cannon that can one-shot heavy tanks at it's own tier. It's utterly dissimilar to the Type 91 and 95 before it.

Finally, we have a heavy tank that just has not, and will not cut the mustard for what it is, the Excelsior. What destroys this tier 5 British tank is it's pathetic armor, and woefully inaccurate gun. It is, compared to it's contemporaries, rather quick. It has decent turret armor, and has a fine rate of fire (it's no Churchill, but it fires bigger shells too). In many regards, I compare it to a "stock" M4 Sherman. It's mobile, and it has enough hit points to hold it's own for a spell, but it's side armor is utterly worthless, it's frontal armor is a joke, and it's size makes it easy pickings for most anything trying to hit it. Most help guides on this premium tank (it costs about $10 real dollars unless you get it as a reward or something.) consist of "face your enemy head on, keep your nose down, and your sides hidden!"

This is great advice. For a sniper tank. I'm not saying there aren't great places to hide and make the most of this tanks armor, but at that point, there's no real reason to play it- the reason being it's gun. The Excelsior's gun is a low velocity gun, and it's terribly inaccurate. It works magic when you get the Excel right up next to it's target, and let them have it with your fast reload time. But, that won't last long, as you expose your nose and sides- leaving you to get wrecked by enemy fire. So what is the Excelsior good for? Well, in a formation with other heavies, it serves it's role as a medium tank quite well- but that rather defeats the purpose of making it a heavy tank at all.

That is my short list of heavy tanks that I think should really be reclassified as Medium tanks, if nothing else to improve matchmaking for battles. The only vehicle that I think could realistically use a buff is the Excel, but as a premium tank that isn't quite fair either, so I'd say reclassifying it is a better option.

So, tell me what YOU think? What tanks do you think need to be reclassified?

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